Blogging your opinionWe all have a voice. We all have opinions. Some of us (ahem) have a few more than normal. We don’t need to ‘find our voice’ or any such thing. We need to give ourselves permission to exercise it.

How we think things will run

So you may believe that if you wrote that big, fat blog post with the juicy message that desperately needs to be heard, you’ll be heading for disaster. Your clients will find out and leave, appalled. Or be sick and saddened that a health professional, someone who should be all about love, could hold opinions more suited to politicians than peace-loving hippies.

Your friends will judge you, your parents won’t understand. You’ll be ostracised, ignored and misunderstood. Flowers will wilt in your presence. Grass will die underfoot. All traffic lights will be red for you, all rain and wind will fly directly into your eyes.

What will actually likely happen

Nobody will notice. Things will carry on as normal. Your online following is not sufficiently large to even see what you’ve written. You’ll feel a little better for saying what you think needed to be said.

Or, hopefully …

By expressing a long-overdue opinion, others who’ve been harbouring the same view will be emboldened, relieved and impressed that you had the temerity to say what you’ve said. People will walk a little taller, knowing that the issue is now out in the open. A few forward-thinking souls will propose a plan, or start discussing how your proposed alternate plan can be put into action.

The next phrase will begin. Action, open discussions, trials and experiments, new plans, new growth, movement, people and the promise that tomorrow will be better.

A few haters will hate. If they have nothing articulate to add to the argument or aren’t bothered with engaging you, you’ll simply delete, block or ban.

You have a voice, use it. You have an opinion, exercise it.

I hope to see you at my upcoming Blogging for Business courses.