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Hi! I’m Brook. I’m a Sydney-based business coach whose been coaching executives and values-based leaders for 11+ years. As the daughter of a business owner, I grew up in a small business and have worked in and with small businesses my entire life. As a small business owner myself (since founding my business in early 2008), I well understand the unique circumstances of business owners and leaders, juggling multiple roles and responsibilities.

The challenges of a small business are very different to those of a big business, as are the needs of small business owners for business mentoring, coaching or consulting. 

Small business owners tend to wear many hats, and require a far broader skillset. Self-management and self-leadership are far more critical, which is why an outside perspective can be invaluable.

I’m not just a business coach. As a professional marketing trainer and corporate facilitator, I have the pleasure and privilege of working with professionals from a variety of sectors and industries. In fact, there wouldn’t be many business types that I haven’t been exposed to!

Let me show you how to save time, money and frustration with business growth, management and marketing techniques that are both time-honoured and cutting-edge. My business coaching is fluff- and hype-free, and high on actionable, sustainable strategies to help you grow your business while reducing stress, overwhelm and inefficiencies.

A small business coach can be invaluable if:

      • Stress and overwhelm have become a very real problem and your personal life is suffering.
      • Your growth has stagnated and techniques that used to work are no longer working.
      • While you get word-of-mouth referrals, inquiries and sales are neither steady nor predictable.
      • You know you need more structure and system to grow but lack the time to implement these.
      • You spend most of your time reacting and responding to problems, rather than leading and directing your staff and suppliers.

What makes me qualified to be your business coach?

Since establishing a digital marketing consultancy in 2008, I’ve worked closely with hundreds of businesses from a variety of sectors and industries helping them to grow. 

As a digital marketer, I’ve led website design projects, SEO optimisation, copy writing, marketing planning and strategy. I’ve set up more social media accounts than I care to count, run competitions, campaigns and content marketing. And all that experience informs my small business coaching, to help your leads be consistent and predictable, and your sales steady and growing.

I’ve worked closely with countless small business owners to sharpen their marketing strategy, tighten their communications focus, magnify their reach, online and off, and increase their reach.

I’ve invested heavily in my own professional development, training and coaching, to ensure that I can use and pass on these skills to my small business clients.

I’ve been told that I’m not a typical business coach.

I’m not shy about sharing my opinion. And my real-world experience means I can move easily between digital detail to big picture overview. I’ve been told that ‘business coach’ doesn’t really cover what I do – I’m also a marketing consultant, business advisor, reputation strategist and technical trainer.

If you’re keen to grow, I’d love to work with you to do just that.

What my clients say

“My business is fairly new and I was busy with clients, but I knew I still had so much to learn. I don’t know what I don’t know and was open to learning from someone much more experienced than myself.
I wanted someone to bounce ideas off to make sure I was on the right track. When I met Brook, I instantly clicked with her refreshingly honest, no bullshit approach to business.
The coaching process was relaxed but incredibly constructive. Brook allowed me to drive the content that we would cover in any given session, and offered plenty of really useful insight and material for us to work through. The homework really helped to keep me on track and Brook has a great way of holding me accountable to doing the work, without applying too much pressure.
Since coaching with Brook, I’ve overhauled my website (and gotten far more inquiries), introduced online booking facilities, started blogging, created a mailing list and scheduled marketing emails in advance, and am about to create marketing videos. Coaching has also been invaluable for helping me overhaul my time, productivity and happiness. Before I started coaching, I felt like I was working and responding to clients around the clock and allowing work to preoccupy me and sap my energy. With Brook’s support and guidance, I’ve implemented far stronger boundaries with particular clients and created a far healthier balance between my business and the rest of my life. I’m much more confident in dealing with clients with respect to billing and setting expectations, my clients have a very clear understanding of my services and how to get the most out of my business, I’m much happier and more productive.
Since coaching, I’ve increased my revenue and profits while reducing my hours, and am on track to hit my financial goals this year. I loved Brook’s view that we dictate how we run our business, we set our days to suit us, and we don’t have to follow anyone else’s agenda – that is priceless. Thanks again so much, Brook. You’ve changed my life. I’m mega grateful.”

Holly Shoebridge
Owner, Oceans Accounting & Advisory

“I decided to engage Brook as my business coach because I’d worked with her before and I knew she knew her stuff and I wanted someone ‘in the know’ to support me during my first online course launch. Brook helped me in those pivotal days to focus on the key tasks that were essential, not only to the smooth running of the course, but reaching the people who would be most likely to benefit and would purchase. She was, variously, my teacher, trainer, cheer-squad, confidant, accountability coach, and business manager and it made the whole experience that much more easy. Brook is a great combination of supportive, plain speaking, encouraging, and firm when required.”

Dr Lauren Tober
Clinical Psychologist and Yoga Teacher


I decided to engage Brook as my business coach because I needed an objective, credible second opinion to verify my business decisions and Brook has the holy grail combo of no-nonsense business first, with a marketing lens. The process of one-to-one coaching with Brook was fabulous. Her tough questions that were all relevant and useful and she was accommodating when life and business got in the way.
Since working with Brook, I’ve taken big action in two key target areas that I identified when we started working together. I took a big step to invest financially in the business, in both systems and people. Our entire marketing is set up and automated now, so I’m less reliant on personal strengths and time constraints. We have a brand new beautiful website, thanks to Brook and her team. And I’ve engaged a social media person too, to generate credibility-boosting numbers and activity in social media.

Coaching with Brook has renewed my faith in my own decision-making compass. The launch of three unique product lines has been far more scalable and less reliant on my personal contacts and my personal hours. Our second corporate event made a profit and received incredible feedback. And our brand is positioned to best capture the audience we want to sell to.

I’d happily recommend Brook’s business coaching.”

Cath Nolan
Managing Director, Gender Gap Gone 


“I needed help to restart my business marketing because I didn’t have enough clients. I find Brook’s clarity really helpful. She challenges a lot of my assumptions and gets me out of my comfort zone.

The process of working together is excellent. I’ve had a huge amount of practical advice on everything from putting together proposals to writing for my audience. Since coaching, I’ve made changes to my website, started blogging, changed where and how I work, and been far more productive. Brook’s advice on improving SEO led to a new client finding me only through my website for the first time ever! Brook cheered me on as I prepared my proposal and I landed a big new contract. I feel far more confident in my business and where I’m headed since coaching.”

Catherine O’Dwyer
Laboratory Accreditation Expert
O’Dwyer Accreditation

Perfect-for-you-one-to-one mentorship

Your business is unique. And my coaching is not an off-the-shelf template. We can steer this in any direction you choose. But here are a few things we can start with …

Together, we may cover:

Key business metrics

Are you regularly tracking and reviewing your key business metrics? And ignoring the rest? Together, we can identify and examine your key metrics, to help inform smarter business decisions. Data gives us powerful insights that we can then use to hone our decision-making chops. 

Magnetic marketing

Most marketing communication misses the mark. Together we can examine what your audience really wants and desperately needs to know in order to do business with you. We look at the key pieces of information that your clients need to make a purchasing decision, uncover your marketing gaps, and address your barriers to purchase – what’s stopping people buying.


When you’re the leader of a small business, there’s a variety of skills required, including decision-making, emotional intelligence, resilience and grit, and resourcefulness. Honing these skills helps you to master the art of leading yourself, which means less stress, more satisfaction, less worrying, more bravery.

Personal branding

How do you position your business as a leader in its field? The short-cut is establishing your professional reputation through personal branding. Playing to your communication strengths, we can craft a plan to get you out to a broader audience. Utilising my background in Public Relations, I can help you go from being the town’s best kept secret to the go-to expert in your field.

Systems and structures

There’s a lot more to small business growth than marketing and sales. If you want to grow sustainably, without annoying your clients, burning your staff and suppliers, and working yourself into an early grave, you need systems and structures. These include staff training assets, checklists and swipe files, daily rituals and routines, and regular check-ins and review meetings.

Profits and pricing

Discover how to better communicate the value that your business offers. Together we can examine how to extend the lifetime value of your clients and how to boost your profits with a smarter approach to pricing and profitability.

Business coaching gives you clarity, confidence and accountability. And in the process, you get to take actionable, practical steps to grow your business and evolve your small business brand. The beauty of technology – making location irrelevant – means we work together online to grow your small business.

Coaching with me is more than the sum of its parts. It means you’ll have my brain, heart and industry connections to help you take your business to the next level.

What to expect

  • A client-led approach. Together, we uncover your goals and objectives for coaching – these are used to design you a unique Action Plan where all your homework goes. We dive deep into where you currently are, and where you want to be.
  • Sessions are 60 minutes and are held weekly or fortnight online, for a minimum commitment of six months.
  • You can email or text me in between our sessions for those freak-outs/epiphanies to make it quicker to find clarity.
  • You’ll get access to all my industry contacts and my little black book of trusted creative marketers (invaluable!).
  • Together we’ll go through your marketing communications to ensure that it speaks to your ideal client and compels them to act.
  • You’ll also receive any supporting information, templates and exercises that I’ve developed, which have been tried and tested in large and small training groups and with my clients.


I only see a maximum of six coaching clients at any one time to keep my time and attention with you as focused and fresh as possible. So if you’re interested, click the ‘apply now’ button below to get started.

I look forward to reviewing your application and working with you.



Ready to save yourself time, inefficiency, money and stress? Let’s kick off the process by exploring your goals further.