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We are all in the business of communicating

Communication helps you to understand and be understood. Effective communications overcomes misconceptions and misunderstandings, bridging differences, and uniting people towards a common goal. Ineffective communication squanders people’s precious time and attention, becomes the elevator music of the internet, and inadvertently patronises and insults the very people it’s seeking to attract.

Whether you’re looking for brand storytelling or messaging strategy, stakeholder relations and internal communications, vision, mission, values and manifesto, I can help.

Regardless of your industry or the nature of your business, effective communication is essential to all business functions. 

Digital communications comes with its own unique challenges. Yes, we can reach more people with online communications than ever before. Yes, geography isn’t as much of a hindrance that it once was. Yes, communications technology is getting better and cheaper than ever before.

But the digital world can be fraught with miscommunications and wasted pixels. With none of the visual and non-verbal cues and clues of face-to-face communication, digital communication can be difficult. Nuances are often lost. Humour can miss the mark. Tone-of-voice becomes supremely important. And highly specific, just-in-time relevance and timing is crucial. 

Digital communications are also crowded and cluttered. People often consume multiple pieces of content on multiple devices at the same time. Winning people’s attention (especially when you have 20 internet browser tabs open, or you’re trying hard to read while also attempting to hold yourself upright on public transport and not fall into the lap of the stranger next to you) is pivotal.

Invest in your biggest business asset – your people

Digital communications workplace training ensures that your organisation is relevant, sensitive, responsive, emotionally powerful, and action-focused.

Particularly when your organisation is undergoing a period of rapid growth or making key strategic changes, communications training is a fast and efficient way of ensuring your relevant departments are aligned and engaged.

If you need a communications trainer wedded to up-to-the-minute, real-world business experience, who’s also adept at speaking and facilitation, then get in touch.

Most popular workplace training topics:


  • Build your professional reputation and personal brand
  • Values-based business: leading with purpose
  • The Resilient Leader
  • The new world of influence: PR, SEO, strategic networking and owning your voice

Who am I?

I’m Brook McCarthy, a trainer, speaker, facilitator and coach of 18 years' experience in professional communications, and a background in Public Relations.

I believe that digital is just one piece of a comprehensive communications strategy and shouldn't be treated separately. The online worlds and offline worlds are increasingly colliding.

Your efforts in publicity, advertising, sales, website development, search engine optimisation, and stakeholder engagement should form a holistic approach – the same approach I've been teaching over the last 11 years across Australia and internationally.

To earn the attention of an audience who is already overloaded with information, empathy and creativity are essential. Let me show you how to use your creative flair, tap into relevance, and create compelling communication to get your message heard.

How it works

First, we arrange a time to talk, so that I can begin to understand your needs, the participants of the training, and the overall goals of your organisation.

Then I’ll send you a quote. When you’re happy, a 50 per cent deposit secures your booking time (with the final 50 per cent due two weeks before our training session).

Once we’ve got all the paperwork squared away, I create a tailor-made training program to help you achieve your organisation’s objectives. And customise all training content to include relevant examples for your business.

If you’re wondering whether this training will suit your specific needs, here are some examples of businesses I’ve worked with previously:

  • Public Relations consultants
  • Advertising and digital agencies
  • Australia’s peak body for visual artists
  • Australia’s peak body for yoga teachers
  • Australia’s peak body for Pilates teachers
  • Universities and further education institutes 

If you’re ready to talk, fill out the form below, and I’ll be in touch.

What my clients say


"I'd seen Brook at one of her courses and was impressed by her ability to quickly and easily explain technical and complex subjects in plain English. Australia Post engaged Brook to present on 'digital marketing trends for small businesses' at four of our 'Grow and Go' events in Sydney. Brook's insights, energy and audience interaction were very impressive. I recommend Brook if you're looking for a speaker or trainer who's energetic, knowledgable, relatable and cutting-edge without being intimidating."

Rob Blumenthal
Area Manager
Business Hubs NSW/ACT
Australia Post


The content was so valuable and practical for us all and you have such a wonderful nature in presentation. The talk came across as very real and genuine. I've heard nothing but great reports. Love your work.

Jenni Guest, President of Pilates Alliance Australasia


Brook ran a half-day session in our studio for a group of 18 gym studio owners on digital and social media marketing.Brook quickly and easily grasped the situation for the majority of attendees and broke down the technology into simple steps and plain English. The training was full of highly practical, creative ideas for our brand to help us stand out among the over-saturated health and fitness market. 

I followed up the training by engaging Brook to train two of my staff to implement a social media and email strategy and schedule. Since training with Brook, she’s helped transform our social media and we have so much more client engagement as a result. Brook is very good at what she does and makes it really easy to comprehend for technically-challenged people like myself!

Nick Conroy,
Vision Personal Training Willoughby Owner


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