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I speak about how to say something worth listening to, and do something worth talking about, how crucial creativity is to business, joy, sales and marketing. I love exploring the meanings we bring to work, and derive from work, and the intersection of the future, sustainability, economics, and meaning.

There’s nothing like the thrill of speaking to, and connecting with, an audience. I deliver high-impact, motivating and thought-provoking presentations, workshop and courses for entrepreneurs, students, and progressive professionals that motivate real, long-term change.

What my clients say


"I'd seen Brook at one of her courses and was impressed by her ability to quickly and easily explain technical and complex subjects in plain English. Australia Post engaged Brook to present on 'digital marketing trends for small businesses' at four of our 'Grow and Go' events in Sydney. Brook's insights, energy and audience interaction were very impressive. I recommend Brook if you're looking for a speaker or trainer who's energetic, knowledgable, relatable and cutting-edge without being intimidating."

Rob Blumenthal
Area Manager
Business Hubs NSW/ACT
Australia Post


The content was so valuable and practical for us all and you have such a wonderful nature in presentation. The talk came across as very real and genuine. I've heard nothing but great reports. Love your work.

Jenni Guest, President of Pilates Alliance Australasia


Brook ran a half-day session in our studio for a group of 18 gym studio owners on digital and social media marketing.Brook quickly and easily grasped the situation for the majority of attendees and broke down the technology into simple steps and plain English. The training was full of highly practical, creative ideas for our brand to help us stand out among the over-saturated health and fitness market. 

I followed up the training by engaging Brook to train two of my staff to implement a social media and email strategy and schedule. Since training with Brook, she’s helped transform our social media and we have so much more client engagement as a result. Brook is very good at what she does and makes it really easy to comprehend for technically-challenged people like myself!

Nick Conroy,
Vision Personal Training Willoughby Owner

Topics I love to speak on include:

Women, money, power, identity

Women’s struggles in business are unique and evolving. A good chunk of these challenges are systemic, including lack of access to affordable childcare and adequate parental leave payment, and other parts of are personal and psychological. Our identity is central to how we feel, what we think and believe, and how we act.

Working with one’s psychology, examining our beliefs, fears, attitudes and identity, isn’t easy, and it isn’t enough. It doesn’t excuse or exclude the work that desperately needs doing on the systems and cultural and subcultural factors that have a very real, enduring effect on our circumstances. But all change starts with dissatisfaction with the current status quo. To create a new world of women at work, we need to explore these critical topics openly and fearlessly.

Unconventional careers

Change is the only constant in life (and work). Working for yourself is not a risky, renegade or unusual decision any more. Creative people don’t have to struggle. Success doesn’t have to mean a publicly listed company, or a glamorous tech start-up. Forging your unconventional career requires key attitudes. Skills can be taught but the right attitude is imperative.
For those who don’t follow conventional paths into the workforce, how can we navigate through our options? For those who’ve found themselves in a conventional career and then lost their mojo, how do you figure out what next?

Say something worth listening to and do something worth talking about

Marketing is easy. But creating cut-through? You need to say something worth listening to, or risk becoming the elevator music of the internet. The brave new world of business demands transparency, adaptability, collaboration, empathy and creativity. Social media has had an enduring influence on business that permeates far beyond particular channels, technologies and features. Brands must embrace this new collaborative environment if they are to thrive.

Hustle needs heart needs hustle

Too often, business is an either/or equation. Either you work for love, devotion and passion, or you work for money. Either you’re committed to 70 hour work-weeks, or you’re busy at the beach, with a little hobby business on the side. This simplistic view is not reflected in the complex make-up of self-employed Australians.

Heart without hustle lacks the funds to be sustainable, while hustle without heart ignores the human element and quickly burns itself out. How can we combine both –  humanising business so that it becomes more powerful and effective, tapping into empathy and creativity to make marketing far more relevant, valuable and compelling, and using our values to guide our business decision.

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