Brook McCarthy


is a digital marketing trainer
& business coach who specialises in
compelling digital communications
that convert browsers to buyers.


Are your content marketing efforts attracting the right customers to your brand, people who champion your product? Or are you struggling to create a coherent, compelling story that’s memorable and relevant across all marketing channels?


I design and deliver bespoke half-day, full-day or multiple day training programs, at your workplace or off-site on digital marketing and social media strategy, community building, email list growth and the art and science of communication.


Need a tailored approach to digital marketing? One-to-one business coaching for business owners, manager and executives combines the best of training, consulting, project management and mentorship with a completely bespoke approach.


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Digital marketing insights

How to steal like an artist when you’re uninspired

When I read Austin Kleon’s Steal Like an Artist, I realised I was robbing people already. I write for a living. And while I offer only a limited copy writing services nowadays, I do a lot of writing for my own business, including blogs, emails, sales pages, and free...

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Stay on message – but give up control

Nothing is a sure bet in life – except that anything that could go wrong, will go wrong. This is particularly true if you’re busy and especially cannot afford anything to go wrong. This cheery little message isn’t intended to contribute to the concerted worldwide...

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Leonard Cohen on dented perfection

In 1972 in Jerusalem, Leonard Cohen, accompanied on stage by a full complement of musicians and singers, abruptly stopped singing “Bird on the Wire”. “I really enjoy your recognising these songs,” he said to the audience. “But I’m scared enough as it is out here, and...

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Upcoming Courses


People expect more information from businesses than ever before.
Business blogging illustrates your experience and expertise, while painting pictures in people’s mind as to your unique point-of-difference.


Twenty-first century marketing builds communities around businesses, by being useful, valuable and relevant to their ideal clients. Learn how to heighten your empathy to better understand what your audience is seeking, wanting and needing.


If you’re a business owner working in professional services, and you’re wanting to earn more while working fewer hours, then check out the Hustle & Heart group business coaching program, covering digital marketing, public relations and sleaze-free sales.

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