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About you

  • You value collaboration over competition, social inclusion over hierarchies, participation over dictating, and are obsessed with what makes other tick.
  • You’re a critical thinker who values diverse and creative thinking. You know AI can’t solve all the things.
  • While you appreciate that good things take time to emerge, you’re also exhausted by consultants who overcomplicate things and use lots of jargon and complicated language to make a point.
  • You want a creative supernova to partner with, to make your ideas come to life.

Brook McCarthy stands in front of a purple backgroundAbout me

Awkward! Now I need to sell you my creativity, right?

How about I leave out the sparkly adjectives and just tell it like it is: I see things from multiple perspectives, all of the time. Empathy, creativity, imagination, and seeing connections between seemingly disparate things – this is who I am, how I think and what I do. There’s nothing I love more than bouncing ideas around with bright people.

I’m able to hold nuance and complexity while sorting through what’s important (and especially) what’s not. I get to the heart of the matter quickly with incisive questions and intuition. I’m not afraid of asking hard questions or sitting in awkward silence. I don’t accept surface-level information and am obsessed with how other people think, feel, act and derive meanings from the world.

My career has spanned tour leading, teaching, training, Public Relations, writing, speaking, facilitation, and more.

Some highlights include: facilitating a discussion with senior female barristers on the topic of ‘women, money, power, identity’; teaching hundreds of people to start their own business through vocational colleges, universities and other higher education institutions; working alongside the Director of Strategic Change and CEO of Electrolux Australia to communicate key corporate decisions, including redundancies and factory closures, to staff throughout Asia Pacific; speaking on stage on topics including ‘Fast Thinking, Confident Speaking’, ‘Humanising Business’ and ‘The Vulnerability of Your Visibility’.

Whether I’m facilitating a panel discussion on stage, consulting or coaching one-to-one, or leading an off-site retreat, let me help you provoke creative thinking and cultivate confidence and courage.


Formats include:

  • Facilitated brainstorms: Dynamic workshops that spark wild ideas, embrace divergent thinking, and turn “what ifs” into strategy and action.
  • Gamification: We leverage interactive exercises, movement, and playful challenges to unlock hidden creativity and encourage participation.
  • Visual thinking: We map ideas visually, using mind maps, diagrams, and sketches to make complex concepts digestible and engaging.

I’m based in Sydney but work internationally. Depending on your particular project, I can travel. Favourite destinations include Cambodia, India, Turkey, Spain and Argentina.

Yes, but give it to me in plain speak

Together, we can create:

  • Internal communications: We develop consistent communication strategies that keep employees informed, engaged, and aligned with your vision.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: We bridge the gap between departments, fostering open communication and joint ownership of cultural changes and big ideas.
  • Communications strategy: We turn data into useable insights and impactful action, seek future trends, identify key audiences to understand their communication styles and biases, and tailor messages accordingly, with close attention to nuance, cultural sensitivities, and storytelling.
  • Turning your brand into a cult: We turn up the volume on your unfair advantage, banishing jargon, industry speak, and worn-out weasel words. Then, we develop your densely branded language, to ensure that your message acts as a rallying cry that calls in your right people.
  • Tailored storytelling pitches for different audiences: We identify key audiences and understand their communication styles and biases, in order to tailor messages accordingly, without watering down our brand.

I’m especially great at

  • Storytelling for impact: We weave your vision into compelling narratives that connect emotionally, spark curiosity, and drive action.
  • Sensitive resonance: We specialise in crafting messages for sensitive or nuanced situations, to avoid cynicism, backlash, or compassion fatigue.
  • Storytelling that sells: We work with your sales team to help them weave stories that inspire, educate, provoke, and sell.

If you want to build buy-in, not brick walls, you need to think like a cynic, identify potential roadblocks, and equip your people with persuasive counter-arguments and compelling evidence.



Ready to unleash your supernova?

Let’s embark on a collaborative creative dance that transforms your wildest dreams into tangible, world-changing reality.

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