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Are your content marketing efforts attracting the right customers to your brand? Or are you struggling to create a coherent compelling story that’s memorable, and relevant across all marketing channels?

Attract the right people to your brand

Are you sick and tired of producing the same-old-same-old content that looks just like your competitors? If you’d rather create content that highlights your brand difference, helps your organisation stand out and attracts the right customers to your digital doorstep, then it’s time we talked.

Who am I?

I’m Brook McCarthy, a trainer, speaker, facilitator and coach of 18 years' experience in professional communications, and a background in Public Relations.

I believe that digital is just one piece of a comprehensive communications strategy and shouldn't be treated separately. The online worlds and offline worlds are increasingly colliding.

Your efforts in publicity, advertising, sales, website development, search engine optimisation, and stakeholder engagement should form a holistic approach – the same approach I've been teaching over the last 11 years across Australia and internationally.

To earn the attention of an audience who is already overloaded with information, empathy and creativity are essential. Let me show you how to use your creative flair, tap into relevance, and create compelling communication to get your message heard.

Putting the customer first with front-end content strategy

Most businesses want to provide exceptional customer service.

But how many actually deliver when it comes to providing easily accessible, highly engaging, relevant information for their customers?

Content marketing can build a strong relationship with your audience. But it must be customer-centric to be effective.

Which is why, when working on front-end content strategy for an organisation, I typically ask the following:

  • Who’s our ideal client and target audience?
  • Are your typical clients actually your ideal clients?
  • What’s the long-term aim for creating content for these people?
  • What’s the more immediate aim for creating content for these people?
  • What are the key pieces of content these people need at each stage of the customer journey?
  • How can we demonstrate our organisational values through our content?
  • How can we demonstrate our point-of-difference through our content?
  • What key pieces of cornerstone content are needed to act as long-term SEO assets for the organisation?
  • How can we better coordinate the efforts of all our content creators?
  • How can we better use our customers, prospects, suppliers and other key stakeholders to inspire and create content for the organisation?

Working through these question will give you a highly-valuable, big picture view of the purpose of your content. And how each piece fits into your overall content strategy.

A strategy which I can help you develop.

Planning your content marketing strategy

Working closely with your organisation, we’ll create a content marketing strategy that works for your business. Here’s how we get started with the planning process:

  1. Determine content marketing objectives so you can define your goals and measure your results.
    This is often a hierarchy of key factors such as brand awareness, consumer engagement, sales, customer service, email list growth, public relations, education and advocacy.
  2. Analyse your current landscape to better position your products and services. 
    We examine who your customers and competitors are and get clear on your value proposition and how your business can stand out. 
  3. Craft a stronger origin story to attract and engage your online audience.
    We explore the back story of your brand or organisation, making sure that it’s clear, compelling and relevant to your target market. We look at what key personalities in your organisation can be featured and what storylines can contribute to your broader brand story.
  4. Exploration of search engine opportunities to increase your online reach.
    Working with SEO specialists (or doing it yourself), we explore keyword niches to meet your marketing objectives. We focus on those that your organisation isn’t already dominating, in order to draw new, targeted prospects to your organisation.
  5. Measuring success so you can stay focused and double-down on what works.
    We agree on key metrics and check-in time to measure the success of your content marketing strategy.

Executing your content marketing strategy

Some organisations request further long-term support to help implement and action their new content plan.

Here’s what we can cover if you need help with your production process: 

  • Determining who your content marketing team is. At a minimum, these would include writers, graphic designers, and a project manager. Ideally, these would also include a videographer, audiographer and SEO specialist.
  • Training for your content team members to ensure they understand and can follow your content marketing strategic plan.
  • Brainstorming with your writers, or writing clear briefs for your freelance writers, on key themes, stories and angles.
  • Determining your content pillars – larger pieces of content such as white papers, webinars, video series, ebooks or slideshows.
  • Developing a comprehensive content calendar to support your promotions and other relevant events.
  • Establishing content workflow: who would be doing what, where and when?
  • Integrating your content marketing strategy with your advertising.
  • Ensuring your organisation’s broadcast, print and pay-per-click advertising seamlessly supports and integrates with your organic content marketing.

Want to get started on creating a powerful content marketing strategy? Or refine the one you already have?

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