Humans have a tendency to complicate matters. I’ve found this tends to accompany procrastination. We think ourselves into complexity and then use this complexity as a reason not to take action, because we believe we have an equation that needs figuring before action is possible.

If this is you, then let’s keep things simple so we can get things done.

Let’s start with –

Who are you seeking to target?

Start with the who first, and everything becomes far easier. Forget sex, age and occupation. Think rather about attitude, beliefs, worries, anxieties, inconveniences and dreams.

What are the major benefits you offer?

Don’t tell me it’s “greater health and happiness”. Diet pills and health insurance plans offer these too. Life’s too short to be general. Get specific! Talk to your ideal client with the specific outcomes or benefits that your offering promises. General is for mugs.

Short marketing plan Can these be qualified or quantified?

Why should people believe you? Because you’ve got credibility, that’s why! Grow your credibility through qualifying or quantifying your benefits. Too hard? Then go back to bed. Think this through logically and you’ll realise that it’s easier than you appreciate.

If you’re not already surveying each and every person who undertakes more than a fleeting offering with you, it’s time to start. Keep it simple by keeping it short. Keep evaluating how you can improve your measurements.

Where are your testimonials? They should be on each page of your website. Can they be qualified further by a real name and a photo? Haven’t thought to ask? Now is the time.

Do you have preconceptions or misconceptions to correct or overcome?

We all have preconceptions and misconceptions that stop our ideal clients from doing business with us. This might be a lack of information, or a lack of more relevant, pertinent information. It may be a bigger problem in need of a concerted public relations campaign with the collaboration of your colleagues, or it could be an image problem easily fixed with new professional photographs and a website nip and tuck.

Who is influencing your ideal client before they reach you?

This can be the easiest way to increase your business. Seek out the places and people that your clients and prospects consult with before they reach you.

How are you distinct and different from your competitors?

Don’t get wobbly on me now. Why you? Why not you!

What do you believe? How do you do things differently? Why do you do things differently? Do you challenge the status quo? Why does it need to be challenged? What’s your unique background? What’s your story? What do your clients always comment on about you and your business that you may be taking for granted?

Answer these questions as specifically as possible. Address anything that needs to be addressed. Start with the who and the why, and you’ll find that the when, where and how will be a piece of cake.

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