Your Ideal Client

Minimise the guesswork

Have you ever created something and offered it to your clients thinking they’d be just as excited as you are to …. crickets? Defining your ideal client and using this profile throughout all your marketing will help ensure that this never happens again.

Effective marketing is direct, emotional, and personally relevant to the exact type of person it is seeking to attract. Each and every business has their own ideal client.

Defining your ideal client forms the basis of all your marketing endeavours. You need to know exactly who you are seeking to attract to your business if you are to do so effectively.

Your Ideal Client is just what you need if you:

  • Are having trouble ensuring your business stands out from your competitors.
  • Are sick of dealing with people who don’t get what you do.
  • Are sick of dealing with clients who haggle and hassle you on your price and terms.
  • Launch new offerings thinking your client will love, only to receive a lukewarm (or no) response.
  • Have lots of competitors crowding the market.
  • Are looking to change direction with your business but unsure how to go about it.
  • Have fabulous clients already, just not enough of them.
  • Want to minimise the guesswork in marketing.

Your Ideal Client is not:

  • Simple
  • Easy
  • A ready-made client, brimming with cash, knocking on your door (though we hope they will follow).

Your Ideal Client is an interactive PDF exercise. After entering your payment details, you’ll receive an instant download to save on your computer.

Cost: $11