Email Marketing Maven

Turn strangers into clients, fuel word-of-mouth referrals, grow your business with ease, and keep existing clients returning and referring, with our Email Marketing Maven eCourse.


We’ll cover how to:

  • Cultivate relationships with strangers and entice them to your business.
  • Avoid the biggest and most common mistake so many people commit with their email newsletters.
  • Excite existing clients to refer business, frequent your business more regularly, and become enthusiastic advocates through word-of-mouth recommendations.
  • Start your database and email marketing if you’re a complete novice.
  • Grow your database week-on-week to increase new leads into your business.
  • Stop Facebook and other social media shrinking your email list.
  • Keep your email newsletters professional, appealing and stand out in a crowded inbox.
  • Drive visitors to your website and steer them around it.
  • Establish yourself as a leader in your industry with expertise, authority and respect.How to keep your inspiration wellspring always full.
  • Market your business so it feels effortless, natural and (believe it or not) fun!

Created especially for service professionals who want to translate email addresses into sales.

The low-down

Ten lessons delivered via email (of course) over five weeks, with plenty of video tutorials, check-lists and PDF downloads. You’ll watch our computer screen as we personally guide you through the essential techniques on not one but THREE popular professional email marketing tools (including Mail Chimp).

We are a small business too, so we appreciate your time is precious. We get to the point quickly, honing in on the most effective techniques and strategies so you can hit the ground running and skip the long introductions.

Who’s this course for?

If you’ve never sent a professional email on behalf of your business before, or you’ve been doing this a while but would like a better response, this course is for you. We start with the foundations to ensure that you’ve got the essentials covered before we move onto social media integration, measuring and optimising, and utilising the latest technology, the best techniques and smartest strategies. We use revealing statistics to see how you measure up and identify where there’s room for improvement.

Growing your database

We start with how to create your database so that you are abiding by anti-spam legislation while growing it as quickly as possible.

Social media integration

When social media began changing the online landscape, commentators were quick to declare ’email is dead!’ Nothing could be further than the truth. Email marketing today is the key driver of all serious businesses. Learn how to harness the powers of social media to grow your database rather than inadvertently cannibalise it, and how to make email marketing substantially different from social media marketing.

Lifting the lid on technology

We explore three popular email marketing tools so you can see how they work, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to quickly and easily navigate them. Our video tutorials will teach you the most important techniques, quickly and easily, without making you feel a fool. We hate marketing speak as much as you do. Instruction in plain English – that’s our promise.

Finding evergreen inspiration

We can’t always be a well of inspiration. Learn how to find and recognise compelling and relevant content that keep your clients happy and your leads excited.

Why us?

This course was lovingly created by me, Brook McCarthy. I’ve been creating email newsletters on behalf of clients since 2005 and, specifically on behalf of yoga and wellbeing professionals, since 2008. Her largest audience of a single email campaign numbered 200,000-odd (a major insurance provider).

Email Marketing Maven is a great course – I still go back over it, many months later, and appreciate just how much information, links, and style you brought to the course. I really want to thank you for it. You should charge more! Marianne Bryant, The Joy of Yoga
Over the years, she’s tried just about every major email marketing tool out there and personally experienced the strengths and pitfalls of the technology and functionality. She’s lived through the explosion of social media and its oftentimes harmful effect on email marketing. She wants all business owners to lift their game and harness the power of email as the cornerstone of their marketing endeavours.

Investment: $129

Payment via credit card or PayPal.