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Business Coaching to untangle the web

Marketing is a massive field. There’s plenty you could do. And things that you should do. But how do you untangle the web so your business message cuts through the clutter?

Hi! I’m Brook. I’m a Sydney-based business coach who specialises in digital marketing and online communications.

For the last 15 years, I’ve been working in online communications, helping small business owners build their audience and increase their visibility in the online world. With techniques including SEO, copywriting, website design and optimisation, digital strategy and execution and public relations and community management – I’ve helped hundreds of owners boost their sales and corner their market.

Regardless of how hands-on you want to be with your business marketing, I can help you save time, money and frustration with marketing techniques that are both time-honoured and cutting-edge. My business coaching is low on hype and high on practical action and sustainable strategies.

Why you could need a business coach.

      • You have fantastic clients, just not enough of them.
      • You get great feedback and word-of-mouth referrals, but inquiries and sales aren’t steady or predictable.
      • You have plenty of ideas but trouble discerning the great ones from the rest.
      • You’re prone to changing direction and sometimes lack follow through.
      • You need clarity and the confidence that comes with it.
      • You’re reacting and responding rather than leading and directing.

What makes me qualified to be your business coach?

I established my digital marketing consultancy in 2008 and have worked with hundreds of businesses from a variety of industries since then. I’ve helped businesses to sharpen their marketing strategy, tighten their communications focus, magnify their reach, online and off, and increase their reach.

Over the last 10 years, I’ve done all manner of digital marketing on behalf of clients. From website design to SEO copy writing, marketing planning and strategy, to social media implementation, competitions, campaigns and content marketing – if it happens online, there’s a fair chance I’ve done it, managed it, or trained people to do it themselves.

And all that experience goes straight into my coaching.

Business coaching gives you clarity, confidence and accountability. And in the process, you get to take actionable, practical steps to grow your business and evolve your brand. And with the beauty of technology — making location irrelevant — we can work together online to get your plan of action sorted. And your priorities set.

I’ve been told that I’m not a typical business coach.

I’m opinionated and highly practical. And my real-world experience means I can move easily between digital detail to big picture overview. I’ve been told that ‘business coach’ doesn’t cut it – as I’m also a marketing consultant, business advisor, reputation strategist and technical trainer.

Just be sure — that whatever you need to propel your business to it’s next level — together we can make it happen.

What my clients say


"I'd seen Brook at one of her courses and was impressed by her ability to quickly and easily explain technical and complex subjects in plain English. Australia Post engaged Brook to present on 'digital marketing trends for small businesses' at four of our 'Grow and Go' events in Sydney. Brook's insights, energy and audience interaction were very impressive. I recommend Brook if you're looking for a speaker or trainer who's energetic, knowledgable, relatable and cutting-edge without being intimidating."

Rob Blumenthal
Area Manager
Business Hubs NSW/ACT
Australia Post


The content was so valuable and practical for us all and you have such a wonderful nature in presentation. The talk came across as very real and genuine. I've heard nothing but great reports. Love your work.

Jenni Guest, President of Pilates Alliance Australasia


Brook ran a short in-house session for a group of 18 gym owners on digital and social media marketing. The training was full of highly practical, creative ideas that suited our particular brand to help us stand out among among the saturated health and fitness market. Brook quickly and easily grasped the situation for the majority of attendees and broke down the technology into simple steps and plain English.

I followed up the training by engaging Brook to train two of my staff to implement a social media and email strategy and schedule. Since training with Brook, she’s helped transform our social media and we have so much more client engagement as a result. Brook is very good at what she does and makes it really easy to comprehend for technically challenged people like myself.

Nick Conroy,
Vision Personal Training Willoughby Owner

Perfect-for-you-one-to-one mentorship

Your business is unique. And my coaching is not an off-the-shelf template. We can steer this in any direction you choose. But here are a few things we can start with …

Together, we can cover:

Make your marketing powerful (and powerfully relevant)

Most marketing communication misses the mark. Together we can examine what your audience really wants. We can examine your point of difference and discover who your ideal client really is, ensuring that your marketing is relevant, compelling and attracting the audience you want.

Captivate your market

Discover how to build your professional reputation and create a powerful brand that will captivate your market. With mMy background in Public Relations, persuasion copy writing, attraction marketing, search engine optimisation, and business blogging – I can share with you a unique approach to building your online audience and establishing an exceptional reputation.

Social media marketing strategy

How do you translate social media activity into new paying clients? Over the last seven years I’ve helped hundreds of business owners – just like yourself – market their services through social media. Together we can develop a strategy that will boost your visibility and establish your presence online.

Revise your website

I’ve worked on hundreds of client websites over the last fifteen years — together we can examine where your website is working and where it’s losing you business. And I’ll show you how to quickly and easily give it a refresh and rejig — so it’s working for your 24/7.

Plan your marketing campaigns

From brainstorming storylines, scripting videos, briefing marketing professionals and launching competitions, we can help ensure that your marketing campaigns are timely, impactful, and in line with your broader business goals.

Profits and pricing

Discover how to better communicate the value that your business offers. Together we can examine how to extend the lifetime value of your clients and how to boost your profits with a smarter approach to pricing.

Devilish digital details

Depending on your digital capacities and business goals, we can plan and implement any of the following: webinars; social media competitions; influencer marketing;
e-commerce optimisation, email marketing and sales funnels, SMS marketing and trip wires. I can help you determine which option is the best and most relevant for you (hint: not all of them).

This coaching program is more than the sum of its parts. It means you’ll have my brain, heart and industry connections to help you take your business to the next level.

What to expect

  • One-to-one support twice a month for four months (8 sessions in total).
  • Our first session together is 90 minutes minimum. We need this time to dive into uncovering exactly where you are now and where you want to be. Each session thereafter is 60 minutes.
  • You can email or text me in between our sessions for those freak-outs/epiphanies to make it quicker to find clarity.
  • You’ll get access to all my industry contacts and my little black book of trusted creative marketers (invaluable!).
  • Together we’ll go through your marketing communications to ensure that it speaks to your ideal client and compels them to act.
  • You’ll also receive any supporting information, templates and exercises that I’ve developed, which have been tried and tested in large and small training groups and with my clients.
  • A 10% discount with no expiry which you can apply to any of my online courses (excluding my group coaching program, Hustle & Heart).
I only see a maximum of eight coaching clients at any one time to keep my time and attention with you as focused and fresh as possible. Currently, six out of eight spots are taken and wait time is three weeks, so click the ‘apply now’ button below to get started.

If you’re keen to do business coaching with me but can’t afford it, then check out my group coaching program, Hustle & Heart. There’s plenty of coaching and interaction, including one-to-one time.

I look forward to reviewing your application and working with you.



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