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Creative Content Marketing Course


Never before have people been so hungry for information and so impatient about accessing it. Your prospect can compare and contrast your organisation’s products and services with those of your competitors, possibly while hiding in your change room or using your toilet.

It’s never before easier to launch a brand or share information – and so, it’s never been harder to be found. People are becoming increasingly discerning about marketing and far more savvy at sniffing out inauthenticity.

People want to know the ethos of an organisation they’re engaging with. They want organisations to act human (and be humane). Not only do brands need to be found, they need to stand for something, share their mission and share stories that forge connections.

Storytelling is as old as time. It’s how we have recorded history, taught each other, retained information, sought to understand and to be understood. Brand storytelling helps us cut through information clutter by reaching through screens to pluck the heartstrings of strangers.

Stories work to magnetise the right customers to you, giving people the information they’re seeking, at the right time. Brand storytelling helps future-proof your organisation by building brand recognition, cultivating trust and loyalty, and illustrating your unique point-of-difference.

You are likely already using stories to market and sell. But are they working? If your social media engagement is falling, if your conversion rates are slipping, and if new competitors are taking more market share, it’s time to fight back – with stories.

Crafting your content marketing strategy

In this practical, one-day course, we’ll be crafting your content marketing strategy. We’ll get clear on exactly who your ideal clients or target market is, including their worries and wants, their problems, pains and inconveniences. Then we use this as a launch pad to write your content marketing strategy, defining your key story topics and content storylines. This gives you a clear strategic direction that you can immediately implement.

Leave the day with a content marketing strategy that shows rather than tells, educates and empowers, addresses misconceptions and misunderstandings, and helps overcome barriers to purchase.

Your content marketing strategy is your marketing roadmap, to attract new clients, empower existing clients to keep returning while also equipping them to more effectively refer others to you.

What my clients say


“I’d seen Brook at one of her courses and was impressed by her ability to quickly and easily explain technical and complex subjects in plain English. Australia Post engaged Brook to present on ‘digital marketing trends for small businesses’. Brook’s insights, energy and audience interaction were very impressive. I recommend Brook if you’re looking for a speaker or trainer who’s energetic, knowledgable, relatable and cutting-edge without being intimidating.”  
Rob Blumenthal Area Manager,
Business Hubs NSW/ACT
Australia Post

Brand story framework

My brand story framework has been developed over the last 15 years of working in digital marketing and communications, and over the last eight years that I’ve been training groups from brands and businesses, large and small. My brand story framework enables people to quickly and easily identify key storylines that illustrate their brand point-of-difference, magnetise their ideal clients, and bring their products or services to life.

The brand story framework allows you to easily replicate stories for marketing campaigns, launches, internal communications, your brand website, public relations, email marketing and social media marketing. Your brand story framework also includes your densely branded language which cultivates brand recognition and reach, and acts as a clarion call to engage, unite and activate others.

What my clients say


“We recently hired Brook to do some social media marketing training for us at a half-day masterclass for journalists, copywriters and other freelancers. We loved her whole style of training – she was warm, well-prepared, extremely knowledgeable and funny to boot. I’m already planning to use her again at a future event!”
Rachel Smith
Rachel’s List

Brand values, mission & vision

Your brand story strategy incorporates your brand values, mission and vision. We use your vision and mission as a launch pad to create your brand strategy, ensuring that your goals and plan is aligned towards a single purpose and enabling your team to make quick decisions about marketing and communications.

Your brand values should be evident throughout every piece of communications that your organisation disseminates. Together, we tease out and refine our brand values and ensure that these are being lived, expressed and shared throughout our communications.

What my clients say


Brook ran a half-day session in our studio for a group of 18 gym studio owners on digital and social media marketing. Brook quickly and easily grasped the situation for the majority of attendees and broke down the technology into simple steps and plain English. The training was full of highly practical, creative ideas for our brand to help us stand out among the over-saturated health and fitness market.

Nick Conroy,
Vision Personal Training Willoughby Owner

“Markets are conversations”
(Bertrand Duperrin)

Brand stories we cover

This brand storytelling course covers three key story types:

  1. Your organisation’s origin story
  2. Marketing campaigns and launches
  3. Regular brand awareness marketing.

Using practical exercises, led discussions and small group brainstorming, we examine the key emotional drivers of your target market, seek to deeply understand their misconceptions, preconceptions and barriers to purchase, examine the strengths of your particular service or product, and how to ensure your brand stories are different from your competitors and not easily able to be replicated.

Storytelling to sell

Ultimately, strategic storytelling leads your prospects along the path to purchase. This is especially useful for new launches and limited time promotions. We look at key data and research needed to blast your stories into the stratasphere, strengthening our stories by tapping into your prospects left-brain and right-brain thinking to sell with skill and creative flair.

We investigate trust and credibility, breaking down the key components of your stories, and the order in which you tell them, to boost your conversion rate, reduce the number of go-nowhere inquiries, and find the weak links, so you know what levers to focus your creative efforts.

In this section of the day, bring along your next marketing campaign and launch plan, so that we can bake in stories that sell, overcoming objections and leading prospects towards an inevitable ‘yes’!

Marketing channels, automation and marketing technology

We’ll examine the key marketing channels your organisation is using or considering, and how each channel requires a slightly different approach. We look at copy, graphics, audio, and video and apply our storylines to business blogging, email automation, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook. Together, we’ll nut out an email automation that leads people into your campaign launch and examines the key stories for each stage of the buyer’s journey.

Examples of cult brand storytelling

We end the day looking at examples of strategic storytelling from cult brands. Ignite your creativity and get excited because we’re going to create momentum to take back to work and make great marketing!

About your trainer

I’m Brook McCarthy. I’m a marketing trainer and business coach with 15 years’ experience in digital communications and a background in Public Relations.

I’ve been working with organisations large and tiny on content marketing, digital marketing and brand strategy, both implementing behind-the-scenes as well as coaching and training. Clients that I’ve worked with over the last 15 years include Electrolux, Star Cruises, Australia Post, the Centre for Social Impact, National Association for Visual SArts (NAVA), Vision Personal Training, Daikin and Meltwater.

I love to equip and empower people with the knowledge, tools and attitude to combine creativity with smart business strategy in order to magnify their impact.


What my clients say


“Brook is completely committed to her students. Her approach is genuine and always straight to the point, enabling me to find solutions that are simple and systematic. The wealth of information Brook shared is humungous and relevant to today’s values-based business approach.”
Donna Zaffino
Project Grow

Course outcomes

Is your creativity sluggish?
Marketing mojo MIA?
Ready to maximise your conversion rate, improve your return on investment, and heighten your engagement online?

 Course outcomes also include:

  • Your ideal client psychographic profile
  • Your content marketing strategy
  • Your content marketing launch schedule
  • Your brand values statement.

This course is for you if:

  •  You need a clear plan to unite your team towards content marketing success.
  • You want to better understand all the moving pieces of effective brand storytelling.
  • You’re clear on who your target market is and have research or data to support this.

This course ISN’T for you if:

  • You’re unconvinced about the value of content marketing and don’t agree that businesses should give away valuable information and insights for free.
  • You’re not clear on who your target market is and have little to no research on this.
  • You don’t know exactly who your competitors are (and why they’re you’re competitors).

Essential info

Dates TBC. 

The course is fully catered and includes take-home materials included, homework preparatory task and follow-up. Numbers are strictly limited to ensure that the course is personal, highly interactive, and valuable. 

Please note: as course places are strictly limited, there are no refunds given for last-minute cancellations. Course credit is extended only in special circumstances, and only at our discretion.


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What my clients say


“Brook has an uncanny ability to get right to the heart of whatever is holding you back from your desired success and growth.”

Sonia van de Haar
Lymesmith | Architecture | Colour